BDF Tandem Piß Wasser Skin

pis-wasser-1 pis-wasser-2

this is a mod for the fictionnal beer brand PißWasser

it’s a combo for the Mercedes MP4 & Flemming’s BDF tandem

Load order should be as follows:
– Mercedes MP4 – PissWasser
– dd_tandems_skin_mat_ Piss_Wasser
– BDF Flemming tandem mod (=> at the bottom)

You can find Flemming’s tandem mod either in Steam’s workshop or in the SCS forums.

Please note this mod does NOT include the skin for the cisterns.

SCS – Flemming V – Thalios


7 thoughts on “BDF Tandem Piß Wasser Skin

  1. Wow, that’s an unfortunate name for a beverage if I’ve ever read one… “pee water”.

    1. ? ? ? ? ?

    2. TheGreenlightTrucker

      GTA V ??

  2. What´s that? That is only a MP4-Skin with 89mb, no Manifest, no Read, no Image, no Trailer, no other Stuff.
    And something must be wrong, because it is ETS2Studio that mean, the Mod is not correct done, because the Version gives out, when all is OK, and as Site:

    I think, you have to check it again.

    1. I’m pretty sure I had added a second link but… Yes, you’re correct, the tandem skin is missing, here it is:

      I probably should have packaged them together. Sorry about that.

  3. Andreas71


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