BDF Tandem Truck Pack v 105 [1.35.x]

Changelog 105.0:
Both Cistern Tandem Trailers has been added with cargo now.
16 Different cargo types are used like those used in vanilla game with cistern trailers in freight marked.

This mod gives you:
15 trucks: Scania R and S 2016, Volvo FH16 2012 and 2009, Scania 2009 and Streamliner, MAN TGX, DAF XF and Euro6, Mercedes Benz Actros 09 and 14, Iveco Stralis and Hiway and Renault Premium and Magnum. 21 Cargo boxes and 20 trailers


All 15 Trucks:
Scania R 2016 (Including new paintjob code and special fenders)
Scania S 2016 (Including new paintjob code and special fenders)
Volvo FH16 2012 (+2 extra Volvo FH 2012 cabins)
Volvo FH16 2009
Scania rcab 2009
Scania Streamline
DAF XF Euro6
Mercedes Benz Actros 09
Mercedes Benz Actros 14
Iveco Stralis
Iveco Hiway
Renault Premium
Renault Magnum
Chassis: 7 chassis 4×2, 6×2, 6×2 taglift 6×4, 6×4 taglift, 8×4, 8×4 taglift, 10×4 mid/taglift. (Total: 99 chassis)
Boxes: 21 different cargo boxes. 8 for 4×2 Chassis and 12 for all other chassis. 1 for 10×4 chassis (Total: 21)
Accessories for all chassis, spare tyres, extra tanks, extra battery, extra closet, painted or skined. (Total: 9)
4 different sideskirts for all chassis, one to use with closet and one in full length for each chassis. (Total: 66)
13 different exhaust pipes to the back of cabin for ALL trucks. (Total: 13)
Ready for WOTR (Total: over 1700 cargo files)

All Trailers:
20 different trailers. (Total: 20)
2 axles Dolly Coolliner, 3 axles Dolly Coolliner, 4 axles Dolly Coolliner, 4 axles Dolly Coolliner and 5 axles Dolly Coolliner. (Total: 5)
2 axles Coolliner, 3 axles Coolliner, 4 axles Coolliner and a 2 axles Short version and a 4 axles Long version. (Total: 5)
2 axles, 3 axles and 4 axles curtain with straps (Profiliner). (Total: 3)
2 axles, 3 axles and 4 axles curtain (Universal). (Total: 3)
2 axles Painted Cistern, 2 axles Chrome Cistern trailer. (Total: 2)
3 axles Container, 3 axles container with Thermo King box. (Total: 2)

Owned Trailers:
25 different trailers can be owned. (Total: 10)
1×1 axles Dolly Coolliner, 1×2 axles Dolly Coolliner, 1×3 axles Dolly Coolliner, 2×2 axles Dolly Coolliner and 2×3 axles Dolly Coolliner. (Total: 5)
2 axles Coolliner, 3 axles Coolliner, 4 axles Coolliner and a 2 axles Short version and a 4 axles Long version. (Total: 5)
1×1 axles Profiliner, 1×2 axles Profiliner, 1×3 axles Profiliner, 2×2 axles Profiliner and a 2×3 axles Profiliner. (Total: 5)
5 NON Trailer Cargo versions. Hauling: flatbed, curtainside, dryvan, insulated, refrigerated.

Flemming Vinge, SCS, 50Keda


19 thoughts on “BDF Tandem Truck Pack v 105 [1.35.x]

  1. please create a motorhome Hymer B-Class SupremeLine

    1. ???
      He makes since years only Tandem-Packs and Beta-Testing. 🙂

  2. Respect+mod+authors+and+users.

  3. What a mess of a mod. Now, instead of having one single mod full of errors, unoptimized, broken, we have many of em in one pack. Great :s

    Good job, good job…

  4. andreas venker

    funzt sowieso ned downloads

    1. affenarsch

      geile sprache

  5. lordmodets2

    download continues not opening!

    1. Yes, you must have a little bit Patience. In SCS Forum in his Thread he explained why. 😉

  6. Ciao Flemming Vinge thanks for these BDFs,
    I think it would take another little effort to render the sides of the boxes individually for the skins.
    CiaoZ e Grazie di nuovo.

  7. Why all tandem trucks have only 400 LT fuel? I adding extra fuel tank to my trailer and still 400 LT fuel?

    1. A Trailer with Fuel tank? LOL
      But there are Mods on this Site for more Fuel.

  8. there will be a version for 1.36?

  9. HD test video with skin pack in game version 1.36

  10. Plase Update to 1.37

  11. Jonathan Johansson

    my game only crash. why?


    still usable for 1.37x?

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