BDF Tandem Truck Pack v 78.0 [1.27.x]

BDF Tandem Truck Pack v78 for Ets2 1.27.xgame version
(This mod does only work in ETS2 1.27.x and up)

New Version 78.0 (23 April 17)
Trucks: Volvo FH16 2012 (+2 new cabins), Volvo FH16 09, Scania rcab 2009,
Scania Streamline, MAN TGX, DAF XF, DAF XF Euro6, Mercedes Benz 09,
Mercedes Benz 14, Iveco Stralis, Iveco Hiway, Renault Premium, Renault Magnum.
Chassis: 7 different, 4×2, 6×2, 6×2 taglift, 6×4, 6×4 taglift, 8×4, 8×4 taglift. (Total: 91 chassis)
Boxes: 16 different cargo boxes. 8 for 4×2 Chassis and 12 for all other chassis. (Total: 18)
Accessories for all chassis, spare tyres, extra tanks, extra battery, extra closet, painted or skined. (Total: 9)
Sideskirt: 4 different sideskirts for all chassis, one to use with closet and one in full length for each chassis. (Total: 52)
Exhaust: 13 exhaust pipes for ALL trucks chassis. (Total: 13)
Cargo files: Ready for WOTR (Total: 1623 cargo files)
Trailers: 15 different trailers. 2, 3 and 4 axles Coolliner, 2, 3 and 4 axles curtain with straps
(Profiliner), 2, 3 and 4 axles curtain (Universal), 2 axles Painted Cistern, 2 axles Chrome
Cistern trailer, 3 axles container +- Thermo King (Total: 15)

Flemming V


10 thoughts on “BDF Tandem Truck Pack v 78.0 [1.27.x]

  1. hey! BDF Tandem Truck pack in That’s Not Trailer??

    1. But you’re sure of what you are writing
      Now i downloaded full mod with trailers

  2. I hope the truck doesn’t fly driving at 100 km/h like with the V.76

  3. The Upload is NOT from FlemmingV:

    File: dd_tandem_truck_pack.scs
    Size: 816.4 MB
    Uploaded on: 2017-04-23 18:23:22 by Visitor


  4. I don’t understand why, but when I driving a truck with BFD Tandem, sometimes it jumps and flies, sometimes is like the rear wheels been blocked and then it flies, causing an accident

  5. Well, you are not supposed to drive 100 kmh with a truck

  6. Using one of the tandem chassis’s….. Can’t get it to hook any trailer in-game…. Really wanted to use a tandem chassis 🙁

  7. Hy!
    I dont know why but i can’t see the contaniner wich I carry on the back,on chassis (it isn’t about trailer,about container on the back).Can someone help me with this issue.

  8. Krystian Jastrzębski

    Using one of the tandem chassis’s….. Can’t get it to hook any trailer in-game…. Really wanted to use a tandem chassis ?

  9. Anthony Perry

    This does not work with current update is there anything in pipeline to re do please

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