BDF Tandem Truck Pack v15.0 (11 Trucks NOW)


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UPDATE: Update v15.0
Latest update give you a finish Profiliner and Universal trailer and matching boxes as well. They are all finish now. The Coolliner has also been updated.

Credit: Flemming Vinge, SCS and Blender (with 50keda’s Blender plugin), Huge thanks to jgut and InVTaR for giving me inspiration.
Download it without commercials, you do not even need to wait for any countdown. No DL speed limit, no password before DL, no mod protection and of course 100% Free. 🙂

Mod Compatible:
This mod work together with almost all mods out there. But some other truck mods could cause problems.
Compatible with ETS2 v1.8.x, 1.9.x and some older versions.

In game:
Object: 11 Standalone trucks with 3 different trailers
Chassis Name: Chassis 6×4 Tandem
Chassis Name: Chassis 8×4 Tandem
Coolerbox Name: Coolliner, Profiliner and Universal Tandem (SCS version)
Level: 12
Extra Stuff: Cabin, Sideskirts and exhaust pipes up behind cabin, letter painted trailer wheels.

This is 11 standalone trucks with trailer (BDF tandem) and tandem cargo to haul.
To drive these trucks you need to go to your favorite truck dealer and upgrade a truck.
Select Chassis 8×4 Tandem and select the dot just behind cabin to add the Coolerbox.
You can paint and upgrade the truck with accessories just like all other stock trucks in game.
Sleep once or twice in the game will make you see alot of tandem cargo trailers to haul.
This trailer will let you haul about 22 different cargo types from 18t to 25t.

Replacing: No model will be replaced. This is standalone.

Make your own name:
Edit all the files in your favorit DDS editor to have your own skin.
The file is located in: vehicle\trailer_eu\tandem\coolliner\textures\ and
vehicle\truck\upgrade\cargo\tandem\textures\ and vehicle\truck\**truckname**\textures\
Just overwrite all these files with your own colors and your are good to go. 😉

If you want to drive with Profiliner box and want all trailers to be Profiliners aswell then download this mod here and activate it.
Download Profiliner trailers here: Profiliner Trailers

If you want to drive with Universal box and want all trailers to be Universal aswell then download this mod here and activate it.
Download Universal trailers here: Universal Trailers

If you want to drive with ALL Trailers, Universal, Profiliner and Coolliner in a mix then download this mod here and activate it.
Download All 3 trailers here: All 3 trailers together.


1. Download from the link above.
2. Move the downloaded file into your “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod” folder.
3. Start the game and edit the profile you want to use. (Edit button is on the bottom left of the profile selection screen)
4. Check the box next to the mod file named “dd_tandem_truck_pack” in the panel on the right hand side of the profile edit screen.
5. Visit your favorite truck dealer and config/upgrade the truck.
6. Start adding Chassis and Coolerbox to your truck.
7. Buy, SLEEP and Drive and enjoy

To uninstall, disable the mod in the profile and *optionally* delete the mod file from the mod folder.
But before that, you should sell the truck again. When rejoin the game sleep once or twice to remove the tandem trailer from game as well.


18 thoughts on “BDF Tandem Truck Pack v15.0 (11 Trucks NOW)

  1. Paťo 123

    link doesn’t work … again

      1. Joe Alker

        Screw that: use thi s

  2. sam moore

    Why oh why do you keep putting this mod up when it does not work. SCS have not implemented the use of tandem trucks and trailers, and as for testing it with path 1.9 when it is not even been released yet.!!!!!!!!

    1. RL Aussie Truck Driver

      Works for me, maybe your just not holding your tounge right. lol 😉

  3. TruckSimFan

    This mod DOES work.

    Tandem is just like a normal tractor & trailer with ONE pivot point. It’s mods like road trains with MORE THAN ONE PIVOT POINT that don’t work in ETS2… Yet.

  4. i just wish that somebody will reskin. That is all that is needed for this mod to be perfect. You have done a great job but i would really like to see a large trailer pack with containers, open trailers etc. really cool!

  5. Where to find the files. I’m Running on steam and i can only find the mod folder 🙂

    1. Open the .scs file with winrar, and you’ll find it in there 🙂

  6. Can you make one of Squirrel Logistic (Youtube channel)

  7. 013stijn013

    I want to change the license plate.
    Normaly stand on it trucker I want to change it.
    Can anybody tell me how to do that

  8. I have a problem.. I cannot extract the .scs file, how can that be?

  9. Not working for me either its just taking me to uploadfiles EU with no option to click on the link or download it or anything

  10. sandyfiddes

    its bril

  11. Seyssens Tim

    Hey, does this mod work with Promods 2.0? and other mods?

    grtz Tim Seyssens

  12. Wee Eng Guan

    It crashes the game!

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