BDF Tandem Truck Pack V80

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Updated DAF XF to new DAF XF improvements
Replaces all new cargo in game with Tandem Trailers (Also in DLCs)
Removed Redundant collision boxes on all truck chassis
Updated all chassis variant with more weight on driving axle.
Scania R V8 (fake) Interior removed.

Flemming V


8 thoughts on “BDF Tandem Truck Pack V80

  1. Great thank you for the Update to 1.28.
    And thanks for using my Isopol-Skin. 🙂

  2. patrick jensen

    hey is it for the scania rjl??

  3. work with ets2 v .

  4. I+have+a+problem+I+don’t+have+any+tandem+jobs.I+even+slept++couple+of+time+but+nothing+happened.Please+help+me.Thanks+:)

  5. Leandro martins

    i noticed that this file has the same name as the previous pack you released. is it supposed to have both files on mod folder or one replaces the other? thank you

  6. yuslanilyasa

    Add mirror link Google drive please….

  7. TheDjevrek

    It is downloading 22 mins. Is it working on version 1.11? Whitch version of this mod i can use? TNX

    1. You can’t use it on version 1.11, it’s older than GTA V

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