BDF Tandem Trucks Pack V75 [1.27.x]

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* Fixed front plate position on Volvo FH16 2012
* Fixed collapsed collision boxes on several cargo boxes
* Added rear plate for all trucks (to make plate on cargo boxes work)
* Added rear plate on all truck cargo boxes and removed old trucker plate from them.
* Added Container long cargo box for all trucks and all chassis
* Added Container short cargo box for all trucks and all chassis
* Added Container trailer (You need to download it seperate)
* Added rear bumper to profiliner cargo boxes, long and short
* Added rear bumper collision boxes for all cargo boxes
* Renamed all cargo coolliner models
* Renamed some .mat files for all cargo boxes
* Renamed cistern trailers (So if you use cistern trailers, you need to download the new cargo file as well)
* Updated rear bumper on cistern cargo boxes and cistern trailer (Krone)
* Updated rear lights on all coolliner trailers and cargo boxes
* Updated texture,,, and files
* Updated all Trailer mods
* Updated all Skin mods

Credits: Flemming Vinge, SCS


8 thoughts on “BDF Tandem Trucks Pack V75 [1.27.x]

    1. Thanks

    2. Ciao, amici zoso,
      or you can go directly to the Website from Flemming V, you have also all other Materiels there and V 69-5 for 1.26
      (the Link from SCS goes there also 😉 )

      Nice Weekend

      1. Ciao JoachimK,
        you know, I wanted to put this link that has more explanations and images
        and then you are directed to the link that you have posted.
        CiaoZ and thank you and good evening


  2. biggy smalley

    This is Flemming V official website
    Please use this official link.

  3. Twinzz2002rocks

    Crashes my game when I try to put the chassis on my Scania please help!

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