Beacon Pack for all Trucks v 1.7.1

YouTube preview

Big beacon for all trucks
Fixed minor bugs

Test on v1.27



9 thoughts on “Beacon Pack for all Trucks v 1.7.1

    1. GameplayHD2015

      Stolen not,updated with all credits to original makers!

  1. GameplayHD2015

    Video with this amazing mod:

    Thank you timon_30!

  2. Will this fixed version come for ATS?

  3. hellobravo2000

    how to install ? i cant see any scs file ?

    1. Rename .rar to .scs!

      1. No need to rename anything, the game can read zip files! Just put the zip file into your mod folder and enable ingame.

  4. Website+blocked!

  5. It doesn’t work in my Scania P :/

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