Beautiful screen summer graphics v2


Works with newest ets2 version.
In v2 fixed bugs, if you found some bugs write in comments.
Enjoy and keep original download link.

SCS, Fenix, Павел Агарков


19 Responses to Beautiful screen summer graphics v2

  1. Falkon says:

    Vollschrott, sorry !!!

    Schlechte Grafiken, falsche Konvertierungen der .dds-Dateien und eine Flare mit 6 Megabyte und dann noch falsche Maße? Naja zumindest sind die anderen Dateien in Ordnung, die stammen ja auch von anderen Mods. Download nicht empfohlen.

    Sorry für deutsch 8)

    • Steini says:


      Scrap, sorry!

      Bad graphics, wrong converting of .dds files, a flare with six GB and than wrong dimensions? At least, the other files are O.K. They come from other mods. Download don’t recommended.

      • Falkon says:

        The bad google translation I could also use, but I wanted to write in German. That does not understand everyone here 😉

    • aventador007sv says:

      I am the author of a fashion – if you do not like yourself fashion

    • zufall says:

      Danke für die “Empfehlung.” Spar ich mir den DL.

  2. Puncake says:

    Can you link your sweet fx aswell?

  3. Dennis says:

    Gibt es denn Daf auch Dazu ??

  4. FilMit says:

    The men from different countries – I personally doubt very much that this ” modification ” did exactly Russian . Whoever did it, I signed a special Russian name.
    This is simply a provocation , I hope sensible people understand what I’m saying .
    Sorry for the Google translation.

  5. Dennis says:

    Hallo gibt es denn Daf auch zum DL ??

  6. dann says:

    Can you make this for the ATS to?

  7. Karel says:

    Hi guy , the Daf is privat?

  8. Macouly says:

    bad bad bad This is false mod has nothing like the pictures bad textures
    I do not recommend

  9. hafizh says:


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