Bennekeben Mega Discount mod v1.4


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Creator : Bennekeben (Xfire/Steam ID),* Feel Free to Add me

Mod Name : Bennekebens MegaDiscount Mod version 1.0 Supported for ETS2 version 1.11.1

If u have Used my Previous Discount mod u need to delete it if u want to play this update !!
Mod Tested on Version 1.14 Beta

More info on this mod Below!

Whats In this MOD ???
Added lots of cheap prices on the new Daf XF euro6
custom created heavy duty engines and gearboxes for dafxf euro6
Discount price on new Tag- Mid lift chassis for all trucks that have it.

1.Discounts On
Garages >> Small garage 100k euro , Big garage 250k euro
Truck Parts >> All truck parts are cheaper
Stock Paint
New Trucks are cheaper cause of the Cheaper truck parts.
Changed Fee on Hired people min fee 150euro per delivery
Changed Starting Fee on Hired people from 1.5k to 500 euro
Fuel Discount of 80% on Big Garages Fuel station.

Police Tickets Decreased ! 50-150 euro depending on how bad your are…

2.Money Increasement
Increased Total earnings possibility a week for Small Garage 500keuro and Big Garage 1.5mil Euro
Increased Bonus of Talent Points , When Reached min 4 points on Heavy load,Fragile, Just in Time,…
U and your Hired employes Above 4skill points will gain 50% More earning.

3.Custom Creations
Tuned Real Life Diesel engines
Custom Chassis with All Wheel Drive For all Trucks
Custom 6 Speed Transmissions With 3 Diffrent Differential Ratios For all Trucks
Custom Funny Stunt Chassis >> i found this accidently but i laughed so hard i might as well made it for all trucks as well :p (This is not Realistic)
Custom Changable Chassis !!! Change Chassis from other trucks to create an other variety of Customisation.

4. Whats Planned for the Next Update
Custom Chassis With varios axells 8×2, 8×4,…12×2 ?? I need to figger out how first ” (im new in ets2 mods)
Maybe more Gearboxes with Diffrent Gears -8 Speed maybe? im not sure bout this yet, the 6 speed drives really good , if u use the correct engine for it”
Lowerd Chassis
Since the1.11 version ruined my MegaStore Mod im missing the lowerd and the longer axxles verry
I think we are all waiting on a New update.

Meanwhile im trying to figger it out :p

5.Great to co-op with other mods!
This mods can work great with other mods , everything that is used is standard from the game.
Screenshots are taken with RealGoodYearChromeTire Mod active aswell

6.Little Bugs? ( Yeah :/ unfortually)
Some bugs are discoverd during testing…

Custom Changeable Chassis
Some dashboard info is a bit bugged but nothing to worry about. so far i found about it when u have a man with a daf awd chassis. still everything works fine. just looks weird :p
When changing chassis in the shop the Left/right side Cover panel gets bugged sticking into the wheels depending on the length of the chassis.
FiX** how to fix in-game select the 4×2 chassis then go to accesiors and remove the side panel.once removed the bug is gone ( Untill u click the chassis with the panel again, then its back!)
** this mostly happens when choosing the iveco-H awd 4×2 chassis
Why is this bug here ? im still trying to fix it, an other solution would be deleting them but, then we have a few choices less to pick.

With the Big Block engines u need more braking power aswell.
Go to the options and increase your braking power if needed!

Do you still see something wrong ? plz report it !! We will fix reported bug in the Following update of this mod!!

Have Fun !!



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