Bennekeben’s Advanced Camera Mod


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Tested on ETS2 1.16.xx
Can work with lower versions aswell


Advanced Camera mod includes reworked scripts
that gives u more fun of the open world of ets2
If u like to see your truck from the exterior with more
camera freedom while driving and like to check the interior a bit better if u only could rotate a bit more”
then the Advanced camera will please your wishes…

while using Camera 2 u can now Zoom in and out Way more then stock.
when u move the mouse u rotate the camera to set it to a top View also.

Camera Zoom speed is slightly increased but if u to far zoomed out u can press 2 to reset to default camera view

When attached a Trailer the Camera 2 will show the full trailer end on default.

More Free look inside the Cabins

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Have Fun!



5 thoughts on “Bennekeben’s Advanced Camera Mod

  1. Chickenlights&chrome

    Very well done- great work.
    Thank you.

  2. Thats a really nice mod especially the \more look inside\ we can now appreciate the nice 3D model of the sleeper area that would otherwise go unseen which I don’t know why SCS restricted the look inside the cab great work.

  3. Hi Bennekeben
    Can panorama foto mod ?

  4. hi ,there nice mod can you please make one mod roof view with track ir then we can appreciate the land scap[e of this great mos sim…

  5. Not working for me…………….
    I activate the mod but nothing……….
    Please any idea why??????????????

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