Bennekeben’s Money mod


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Creator: Bennekeben (Xfire/Steam ID),* Feel Free to Add me

Mod Name : Bennekebens Money Mod

1.13 tested

Make sure u Download from an original link

Read the steps in the mod info or Check the vid to see how the mod works!

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More info on this mod Below!

Whats In this MOD ???


With this mod u get money by selling expensive parts u previously buyed.

working on all Trucks 6×2,6×4 chassis and stage2 , stage 3 Cabins

i created this mod so i had an account to buy everything i want

for testing mods and not being a fan of the money engine’

i see this as a easy way to gain lots of money fast ,

so easy by just selling Chassis and/or Cabins

Custom Creations


Created all the 6×2 and 6×4 chassis with an extreme Price on them

Created the stage 2 and 3 Cabins with an extreme Price on them

How Does it Work ?


To get money do the following steps..

Steps :

Do not activate the mod yet

Buy a truck(s) with a 6×2 or 6×4 chassis and a stage2 or 3 cabin At least.

Once buyed, Save your game and Activate the Money mod

If u want to keep the trucks then replace CHassis with a 4×2 and cabin with the normal.

This is works the same for all Trucks

Once Solded or changed parts u gained alot of money because u are selling expensive parts.

When u finnished selling save your game again and Turn of the mod.

Play like a Billionair…

Have Fun !!





5 thoughts on “Bennekeben’s Money mod

  1. barclayer

    With cheat engine i give more money than those mod. cheat engine give me 4200000000 euro

    1. Bennekeben

      with this mod u can make as much money as u want just sell more trucks with a 6×4 and stage3 cabin. man and mercedes pays best giving 50mil per truck.

      1. does it have t be a new game or can it be one already in use

  2. yolo ma gueule

  3. prosim si aby som mal na euro trucke nekonecno penazi zadarmo

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