Bennekebens Off-Road mod v1.01


Bennekeben’s off-road chassis for standard trucks adapted to the “heavy” card (Goba, Orient Express P43 etc.)
The mod adds 3 types of chassis (3 types of 4×2, 3 types of 6×2, and 3 types 6×4) for each standard truck with the exception of DAF Euro 6 different size of ground clearance.
Chassis models have not changed. Changes were only characteristics and adds the ability to lifting of the middle axle chassis 6×2.

Mod tested on version 1.16.2s.

Credits: Bennekeben
Adaptation to version 1.16.2.s and “heavy” maps: Tornado



9 Responses to Bennekebens Off-Road mod v1.01

  1. Bdoel says:

    link is expired

  2. Tornado says:

    Download link is not working. There was a force majeure from sharing. A “friend” wanted to monopolize this mod and asked to remove my file from the site
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Who wishes to download this mod can contact me through private messages.
    I do not claim to authorship of this mod, but I also spent on it the time and energy. Before me this mod nobody has even its author.

    Ссылка на скачивание временно не работает. Произошёл форсмажор с файлообменником. Один “товарищ” захотел монополизировать этот мод и попросил удалить мой файл с сайта
    Извините за временное неудобство. Желающие скачать этот мод могут обращаться ко мне через личные сообщения.
    Я не претендую на авторство этого мода, но я тоже потратил на него своё время и силы. До меня этим модом никто не занимался, даже его автор.

  3. JLN says:

    Sorry I’m new to this site.
    How do I “PM” you so I can download this mod?

    • Tornado says:

      The question of course interesting 🙂
      On this site does not have this option. 🙁
      I give you a link to the mod here and I hope that it is not removed.
      I also hope that it will not remove from sharing at the request of the author of this mod, which for some unknown reason, I do not want to have players been adapted version of this mod under 1.16.2

      • JLN says:

        Thanks, for the mod!

        As you make mods & I’ve spent 3hrs searching on the internet…
        I have a Question:

        When I drag & drop the BASE.SCS file into the SCS Extractor there is no BASE folder seen.
        1st file – AUTOMAT
        2nd file – CONTENTBROWSER

        What am I doing wrong…?

      • DriverLevi says:

        Tornado Thnx for the link ;). i got an Goba offroadmap and i wasn’t able to drive up a hill with my 730 scania 😛

        Greetings Levi

        PS: this cargo was 105.030 euro’s, so iam happy 😀 😀 😀

        • Tornado says:

          What was the problem? Raises the front axle or drive wheels to slip?

  4. Jafer says:

    Can you make This sound for the Scania when the Air Pressure low

  5. Jafer says:

    Can you make That alarm for the Scania when you start the truck and the air pressure low

    Greetings Jafer.

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