Bennekebens Scania BCD V8 Sound v1.2


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New Sounds for the engines below 500Hp
adjusts /define sounds and overlays
changed various other truck sounds, Airvalves, Motor Brake,
Increased Volumes on all engines the more hp the more noise
Added sound for the updated scania t model Version 1.4
Working with the Stock SCS engines and Bennekeben’s Custom Heavy Duty engines ( can be found in Discount mod version 1.3 and 1.4 )

Really Cool V8 Rumble sound with the ability to Make eye’s Roll and skin Shiver or Cruise on a low rpm…

Whats in this mod ?
The V8 scania sound for the BCD scania race Truck
Engine sound for scania model Rcab, Tcab V1.4, Streamline

Custom Creations

Custom created Engine sound for Scania Rcab/Tcab and streamline Engines

Created by Bennekeben


11 thoughts on “Bennekebens Scania BCD V8 Sound v1.2

  1. kriechbaum

    Hello, if you use some of my sound files, please just tell it in the description.

    Thank you.

    1. Bennekeben


      Wich sounds are yours ?
      i have alot of sounds huntend on the net..
      Some sound have been changed and renamed, some have been stayed the same, some are original ,
      if u can tell me the name of your sound i can add credits for them ofc.

      grtz Bennekeben

      1. kriechbaum

        Hello, here are some, i do not have too much time to compare more, but i am sure there’s again some others which are mine.

        1000 bis

        See you.

        1. Bennekeben

          hello again ,

          i have over looked your list so far.
          some be correct some arent..anyway,
          if u made the 1000bis sound im really curious what your source was i really a fan of that sound sample.
          the mbrake is the same sound just renamed to keep it the simple in script 🙂 and i found it pretty amuzing to set it on 😀 i now use my motor brake much more 😀 i made a small list below on the sound samples u replied for.

          i have downloaded alot of other random sound mods and the 1000bis sound i see it on other mods aswell.

          i want to ask to invite me on steam for direct chat. are u able to record real life engines ? if yes what types ? ive also added some self made sounds in this mod i just need some better quality or the recording.would be great to share some info bout programs n stuff.

          unfortually for this upload i can not fix the mod info to add credits but im probebly gonna update it again so i will add credit in the mod info for the sound samples u made.for now i can edit my site aswell but if the mod will be reuploaded on other sites then it will even lack my info.

          sound sample credits :

          1000 bis : Kriechbaum
          ext_exhaust_0800.ogg : Kriechbaum
          ext_1200.ogg – 1000bis sound sample : Kriechbaum
          2000rpm-int-exhaust.ogg : Kriechbaum
          1200rpm-int-mono.ogg – 1000bis sample : Kriechbaum
          ext_exhaust_1800.ogg : Kriechbaum
          ext_2200.ogg : Kriechbaum
          bchigh.ogg :
          STDengine Kriechbaum
          / V8engine Bennekeben
          gear_change.ogg : Kriechbaum
          horn1.ogg : Kriechbaum /
          horn0(Train) Bennekeben
          mbrake.ogg-1000bis sound sample:Kriechbaum

          airbrake1.ogg : SCS software
          turbo_int.ogg : SCS software
          all sound samples used are not the same since they are adjusted in script and will sound different then they actually are.

          grtz B.

  2. C’est souvent la même chose Kriechbaum on te copie vu que tu es le meilleur 🙂

    1. kriechbaum

      Non mais bon, ça coute rien de faire une déscription complète…

      Merci Fredo 😉

    2. Bennekeben

      this is a copy of scania bcd mod v1.0 orignal from scania bcd race pack.this is the same sound i made but updated with a bit more.
      this is mod has lots of hours refining,adjusting ,re-editing different sounds.
      im not good at french but if your pointing out that this is a copy of kriechbaums mods then you are wrong.
      merci pour le repect sur moi.
      moi travaile minimum 10heurs pour edite,
      se ne pas un copy de kriechbaum.
      se un creation pour moi.
      se possible a sample de kriechbaum.ausi moi re-edit le sample de audio.


      1. Ciao Benn .. Well I wanted to ask you can create a single mod chassis for all truck? because v. 1.3 is too heavy and slows down the game. thanks

        1. Bennekeben

          Hello zoso..

          If u want mods on request plz make a topic on our forum @ or get direct contact on steam..
          Grtz B

  3. Thanks Benn, I do not know how to use the forum and I do not speak English,
    for me it is a problem. Thanks again my friend

    1. Bennekeben

      on my homepage there is a button Contact me. fill in your name and email with what u like.
      i will answer u direct on the email u fill in.
      or if u have steam u can invite me there, search for Bennekeben.
      maybe a good help would be using google translator with questions u dont understand from other country’s.
      just control+c from the site to control+v the translator.
      i hope it helps.

      grtz B.

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