Best Final Save ETS2 1.30

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Save game for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

To download the save game is strictly important to have dls_east & dls_north & dls_fr & dls_italy. (Scandinavia & Going East & France & Italy )!!!.
All other DLS in this save game has been DISABLED!!!
(To avoid problems with loading this save the game from those users who do not have any DLS!!!)

Save the game under the name “ETS 2” ( NOT NAME – and would be great for any user!!! ).

Map: 100%.

All garages bought and expanded to 5 places. Headquarters – Berlin (Germany).

All car dealerships are open.

All employment agencies are open.

Driver: the 50th level “Legend” (a rating of 10.0).

Hired drivers have a rating of 10.0! (dismissed, if you wish, you can purchase the trucks and hire them back to work).

Mileage: 300.000

Money: 200.000.000
Avatar driver, company logo, brand of truck and the company name You can change by clicking on the “EDIT” button (in the cafe Euro Truck Simulator 2).


Game version: 1.30.

INSTALLATION: Folder 4554532032 (from downloaded archive) and place in Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles.

PLEASE: Load the first save game (make sure it is working) and then can use your favorite modifications to the game!

Do not change the author’s link!



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7 thoughts on “Best Final Save ETS2 1.30

  1. john dimos

    and then what?whats the reason to continue the game….
    i dont understand whats the usefulness of all the save mod….

    1. It is useful to test the mods you have installed, if you don’t want to screw up your profile. Simple as that.

      1. john dimos

        ok then..

  2. I saw a similar upload for ATS. My question, in this case, would be … How could you complete the game in such a short notice, since it takes a lot of time to do it?!

    1. Vitaliy7735

      As the author of this save (Yes, save my and you can verify this by looking at the license plates of the trucks, they my nickname). This guy Denrus arbitrarily and without my permission uploaded save data, which I shared with him in friendship in Steam, and it is still itself, and in the authors attributed. Regarding Your question, I can say that save for the ATS it is still from version 1.3 – 1.5 I openly and dlc New Mexico came out about two weeks ago and in that time I managed to calmly explore and travel around the whole area. The preservation of ETS2, too, is not new, already don’t remember what version opened the whole map (roughly after the release of Scandinavia), and with each new dlc like France or Italy, I just open and ishadow new roads and cities in these territorial dlc. Specifically on the study of roads of Italy took about two days, the benefit was the time and wanted to explore the long-awaited dlc. But I haven’t finished, You can even see it on the screenshot, 99.99% of 1 hundredth of a percent still remained. Sorry for my English.

  3. Vitaliy7735

    Кто автор? Denrus? или как там тебя, меняешь никнеймы в Steam каждый день. Очень оригинально было напрашиваться в друзья и выпрашивать сохранения, а потом ещё и из друзей по-тихому удалиться. Мне их не жалко, многих людей сохранениями выручал по доброте душевной, и они себя в авторы не приписывали. Ты бы посмотрел на номерные знаки грузовиков…… Это же каким недалёким нужно быть чтобы так с грузовиками спалиться, хоть бы продал бы их что ли, да я то своё бы сохранение сразу узнал, но хоть другие люди бы не заметили). Скачал по ТВОЕЙ ссылке и README файлы особенно порадовали, ты моё описание с этого же сайта скопировал, хоть бы его внимательно прочитал, автор там указан, ну хоть подкорректировать не забыл, видать так спешил выложить. Вообщем далеко пойдёшь…

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