Best Graphs


Best graphs
55~51 fps
Resolution 1280×720
Ultra > 200%

Author: joao18wos


6 Responses to Best Graphs

  1. Danny says:

    Another Download Plattform please ?

  2. BLiNKT says:

    This config make all settings to HIGH?

  3. BenzoYDK says:

    ### even is this

  4. Adamisch says:

    why 1280×720??? XD That resulution is not even good XD

  5. carlos says:

    this kind of “mod” is pointless, same as the fps increase one, result is gonna change with everyone’s hardware and what everyone thinks what looks good/bad or is ok or not, so people, just configure your own settings and don’t download any of this kind of “mod” … pointless

  6. Vašek says:

    I can not download 🙁

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