Best Reshade for NL by mc2rok v 0.95

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my newest realistic reshade preset for natural lux.

Changes in 0.9:
-less saturation
-less colour
-brighter cockpit
-less brightnes reflections


-start reshade setup on ets2 and choose your ets exe
-choose directx 10+ and download the following shaders
FXAA, LiftGammaGain, Tonemap, Techniccolor, Techniccolor2
-then copy my ini file to your winx64 folder
-start the game and press pos1 for reshade settings and choose my preset ini
-do your graphic options like in the picture
you can choose hdr if you like it more

if graphic settings were not be saved then set it in config
and after that save it with read-only!



8 thoughts on “Best Reshade for NL by mc2rok v 0.95

  1. president10

    wow best graphic mod bro tanks ???

  2. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Don’t call your own mod as “best”.

    1. president10

      nice work, also not the fps killer like the others. ??

  3. hansetrans

    nothing special –

    1. what do you mean nothing special?
      then play with your comic colors!

  4. too gray and too few colors!

  5. Karmeister

    The problem is when running reshade. exe in dx10, ets does not start. Settings for 11 are made. What is the problem?

    1. i dont know what you mean it works fine.
      did you set dx11 in ets2 config? did you choose dx10+ in reshade setup?

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