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Truck skin contest

Hello, drivers!


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We are running a ETS 2 best truck skin (mod) contest. Skin, which will get the most likes in Facebook, wins the competition.

This is not a skin screenshot contest, this is skin mod contest!

What you need to do?
– You need to create skin for original ETS 2 truck and send for this contest.

Competition rules:
1. One participant – one skin for contest
2. You can participate only with own work!
3. You can send skin only for original ETS 2 truck (no Peterbilt’s, buses etc..).
4. In contest participates skins only, what send from this form.
5. All works we will share in ets2.lt.

You can send skins from now to May 25 May 30.
Voting period: May 31 – June 7

In voting period we will create special voting page for all contest skins. Also we will make new screens for everyone skin!

We can ask you to send skin creation proof!

1st  – $15 
2nd  – $10
3rd  – $5 

We will pay for winners on PayPal. 

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20 Responses to Truck skin contest

  1. Big_T says:

    nice 😉 BTW SCS is also runing a contest nearly like this 1 😉

    • leedonald54 says:

      I will have to look it , again Thank You , may I ask where you are from ?

  2. Big_T says:

    if it didnt required to upload the skin.. i would be total game.. and would have joined with this picture: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=183598272
    But since im a greedy #######.. and dont wanna share my personal paintjob and mods.. 😛

  3. admin says:

    Need send mod for us 🙂 This is not skin screenshot contest, this is skin mod contest.

  4. H4rdC0r3 says:

    Are the skins going to made public after this contest? Or will you ask for permission?

  5. admin says:

    All skins will be public before contest end. But voting only October 25 – 27 in special voting page.

  6. worksgr8 says:

    With this contest when creating the skin mod are you allowed to use images and other stuff like that?

    • admin says:

      In skin you can use everything, but no tuning, parts etc. In mod can be only skin.

      • worksgr8 says:

        yeah another question how long does it take for the skins to be uploaded to this site for the competition?

  7. JacksMafia says:

    where is the vote page ?

  8. nassiboy says:

    Could someone create this skin for me


  9. zoso says:

    It can load skins R700 for contest

  10. zoso says:

    Thanks for the answer

    ciao ciao to all

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