Best Volvo gearbox / transmission


Hey folks,

My favorite is the Volvo FH Classic.
For an achivement you have to drive all brands in game. So i had enough time to look arround the other trucks. I noticed that the other trucks use 12th gear at 80 km/h.
The Volvos shift at 85 km/h in 12th gear. Normally it stays in 11th gear and consumes a lot of fuel. So i decided to change that.
I have shortend the 11th gear a lot, and the gears arround a bit to avoid unconfortable jumps when the truck shifting.
Now you can put in the cruise control at 80 km/h and it stays in 12th gear.

As a Bonus i added 2 reverse gears. Thats a total of 3 and the Volvos now reach 35 km/h in reverse movement.



3 thoughts on “Best Volvo gearbox / transmission

  1. Tobias_Rieper_GER

    Sorry i forgot to say its for New Volvo, too.

    1. Super! Thanks!

  2. what is the name of the gearbox inside the game ? what its price?

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