Better AI Lights


original mod by: Racebandit
if there any problem leave a comment or send me an email
For version 1.3.1


4 thoughts on “Better AI Lights

  1. it can work!! but it can more better
    some lights of ai cars are separate
    not like your picture

  2. BobTruck56

    Not sure to understand what the previous user intend to say but in my case, could not see any diffrence. I’m using ver 1.3.1 and even started a new profile. Too bad cause it would be nice to have a better view of incoming traffic(especially in the mirrors from inside) cause actually, we see them at the last second when they are already besides your truck and it’s often too late to make a move and avoid a collision. Any suggestion will be appreciated, thanks in advance !

    1. Sorry I am from china
      I mean use this mod don’t look like the picture

  3. BobTruck56

    Just found the problem. I had put the file in my “Mods” folder but it was not activated in my profile. In order to work, you have to select your profile and choose “Modify”. The list of all available mods will appear at the right and you may need to activate those you want to use (including this one). The lights will show as in the picture (not in the mirror as I was expecting but that’s OK, maybe someone will fix that later).

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