Better AI lights


Author: Racebandit


6 Responses to Better AI lights

  1. Mak-Kyver says:

    should this work?

  2. Looneytoon says:

    All it does for me is crash the game. Even if I pull out every mod and start with a fresh profile.

  3. Mod-Loller says:

    you have to start a new profile because of cargo-mods, map-mods or you own trucks with mod-customparts.
    many reasons out there that you can’t remove some of your mods, without start a new profile or sell all your trucks with customparts.

    this ailightmod works good, don’t contain unwanted things and may collide with some megasuper-all-in-mod-packs, aitraffic- or aispeed-mods.

  4. Tri says:

    Please repair n reupload this mod because I can’t download the link is suspended account.

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