Better Flares v 3.2 for ETS2 plus Default Traffic addon

– New flares and truck lights. Choose the one you like.
– Traffic lights addon adding 12 different flares to traffic.

Please read about mod structure before use!

BFv3.2 1.Base for ETS2 – mod itself.
BFv3.2 2.Headlights Blue/Neutral/Yellow – 3 different flares and truck light colors. Plus smooth headlights switching.
BFv3.2 Default Traffic Addon – mod adding 12 different flares to default game traffic.

Warning! Proper mods order:
– BFv3.2 2.Headlights Blue/Neutral/Yellow
– BFv3.2 1.Base for ETS2
– All other mods
– BFv3.2 Jazzycat addons
– Jazzycat packs
– BFv3.2 Default Traffic Addon

Dear friends!
– If you don’t like the new truck lights, you can freely use your own or completely remove it by deliting def folder from BFv3.2. 2.Headlights.

– If you are using any bloom reducing mod (Realistic Graphics Mod for example), I strongly recommend you to increase the brightness of the flares. To do this, copy the contents of BFv3.2 for reduced to the [/i]BFv3.2 1.Base for ETS2.scs[/i] with replacement – and traffic flares will become brighter! You can restore previous settings by copying files from BFv3.2 for default

– You can use any combination of flares and headlights. To change the flare, go to: BFv3.2 2.Headlightsunithookup and open the files

find next line inside them:
model: “/model/flare/headl_y0.pmd”

and instead of headl_y0 enter any other flare name (see the screenshots in this topic or inside the archive)

Changes in version 3.2:
– New flare textures and lights settings
– Traffic lights addons



9 thoughts on “Better Flares v 3.2 for ETS2 plus Default Traffic addon

  1. Stolen mod, reported

  2. Aveliumar

    It ain’t stolen, it was uploaded by the author himself 😀

    1. So you are avelium on SCS forum???

      1. Aveliumar

        Yep. Thanks for vigilance, mate!)

  3. nice mod

  4. Ok, sry, great mod, Update long awaited;-)

  5. Hello !
    Nice mod ???!!!! No !!!!!
    Just “very” nice mod ;-))

    Thx a lot

  6. Great mod with realistic light effects..Thanks for posting it…

  7. Nice job… juste one problem :
    [model] Model geometry ‘/model/flare/orange_2.pmg’ has incorrect file version 506d6714 – expected version 506d6715. Converting…

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