Better physics for game v1.9.22 (v1.0)


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I didn’t like defult cabin physics in new version of game (1.9.22) so
I tried to make some changes and I think that now is little better
then it was.

Try it and tell me do you like it or not.



15 thoughts on “Better physics for game v1.9.22 (v1.0)

  1. How install it ?

    1. simoschmitz

      Copy rar the file or drag the folder in My Documents / Euro truck simulator 2/Mod.

  2. simoschmitz

    Now is so better but if you can when it passes over a bump or a pothole make more realistic the movement of the cab I hope you understand what I mean by now continues so good.

  3. The file is *sii and no *scs

    1. copy zip file to ets2 mod rar…

    2. NON_steam_PLAYER

      with WINRAR make “DEF” file in scs! ….just select (in winrar)”ZIP format” …and rename the last format from zip/rar in “scs” …..and then you put in mod folder!

  4. “.zip” or “.scs” it anyway …
    Srele, now you see that .zip confusing …

    1. .scs is a .zip with renamed extension

      They are the same.

      1. Exactly, but that only experts know

  5. @Simoschmitz: no, it is not posible. SCS removed that option from .sii files.

    If I upload .scs file to drop box it iz hard then to download. If i put rar people don’t know how to unpack it. So I put .zip, i thought thet many of you would know how to to install it but I should write it in description, I forget.

    So now you know, just copy this zip to mod folder. It is the samo like .scs.

  6. NON_steam_PLAYER

    HELLO!!…next time try to make the Physics more flexible! …is to rock!!!like this one from 1.7/1.8!
    …to bad this “SCS company” changed the “Physics”!!! …..thanks!!!

  7. NON_steam_PLAYER

    i mean when you brake! …..its not so flexible the suspansion!!!….is good this mod! ….

  8. @simoschmitz
    Auuuu… sorry my friend… I now see that I can set up suspension on wheels. I don’t know how did I miss it in fisrt place.
    Now I will make new version of this mod soon.

    1. NON_steam_PLAYER

      it’s ok, just THANKS for your work!

  9. Thanks.This mod is very nice but the movement of Suspension is very much.please fix it on next update.

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