Better Traffic Flow for DLCs bug fix

I Fixed bad AI merge behavior on DLC’s prefabs.
I had to make Promods and non-Promods version.



5 thoughts on “Better Traffic Flow for DLCs bug fix

  1. Do you can show in a video?

  2. I would rather not.
    Download any high traffic mode and disable and later enable this and see difference on all custom France interchanges made by SCS. I suggest Rennes ring road.

  3. Excellent+mod.+Problems+flow+solved.

  4. Excellent mod. Fluxo problem solved!
    One tip: do you have upgrade to the Italian prefab (2 and 3 lanes)?Thanks.

    1. I am not sure. I am not modding for 2 months and won’t next few weeks. I forgot what exactly I have and can’t check fast.

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