Biedronka Comapny

The modification adds.

* Substitution of original companies from the game.
* Eurogodies and Transinet = Bierdronka company
* Semi-trailers of this company.

Required Game Version
1.30.X and higher

If you want to share my mod further, SAVE ORIGINAL LINK. Thank you.



3 thoughts on “Biedronka Comapny

  1. Polaczek3

    Witam, czy mod działa z Promods’em?
    Hi, it works with Promods?

  2. @Polaczek3 – Tak,modyfikacja jest kompatybilna z takimi mapami jak ProMods, czy też innymi modyfikacjami.

    Yes, the modification is compatible with maps such as ProMods or other modifications.

    1. Polaczek3


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