Big Alcoa Rims


Test versions 1.22.h – 1.22.2s ( maybe less )



12 thoughts on “Big Alcoa Rims

  1. ShuqGrind

    Awesome! Now it’s more fierce looking than before. Thanks!

  2. This mod was made by me. How bout at least posting the correct credits!

  3. K-whopper

    Sweat wheels work n look great

    Purple day cab with with purple lights every where looks really cool.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Aiight Is made these NOT Alcoa. alcoa is the manufacturer of the wheels in the mod. if you are going to upload someone else’s work then give proper credits!!!!

  5. These look so ######. Just as bad as people putting those car rims on trucks. Take these down for the sake of them looking so awful.

    1. If you don’t like it dont download it. Isn’t freedom of choice an amazing thing we have? I for one am grateful every day I have the right to choose If I do or don’t want to do something… Something that’s given away for free to anyone who does like it is a true gift in a world its hard to get anything for free. The more than 1000 people who’ve already downloaded it make it worth my time to make this mod. So again. If you don’t like it. Just dont download it.
      Merry Christmas

  6. Yes these wheels were made by me.

    I dont want this taken down but I would like the credits corrected.

    Not sure who uploaded it as nobody asked my permission

    1. do you still have this truck mod that you had created

      1. richthofen20

        gotta say his truck looks way better then some of the stock ones lol

  7. чет у меня резина есть а дисков нет

  8. Umer shakeel

    Can i download this mod on v1.18.1.3 in ets2

  9. umer shakeel

    can i download this mod for ets2 v1.18.1.3

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