Big Garage V1.28 [UPDATE]

– Tested version 1.28.Xs
– Compatible with all DLC ( Scandinavia,Going East, Vive la France )
– Only for Big Garage

To change the skin of the garage >>> \ prefab \ garage and garage_scandinavia \ textures \

* Respect the download link *

Authors: HomerS, MDModding, Fred_be


13 Responses to Big Garage V1.28 [UPDATE]

  1. MarvinR730 says:

    download is no file !”!!!!!!”!”!”!”!”!!!”!”

  2. Alex82 says:

    The aurenic skin for scania is private?thanks!

  3. JoachimK says:

    Thank you * Merci * Danke

    Perfect, I got it just and I will it install now.

    @MarvinR730 – Linkl is OK, Download in some Seconds. 🙂

  4. marck97 says:

    download say me No file

  5. Kriistof says:

    Merci Fred_Be 😉

  6. nuttywolf3 says:

    I see the fork lift is still not rite so this is the same carp as that Crow dummy puts out

  7. SpanishSIM Trucker13 says:

    I have the file and I want the Aurénico mod (Spanish Company) but I have the folders:
    And the mod image and description
    But the MANIFEST.sii file too

    My question is : How I can install THE MOD into the game??
    I don’t know, can anybody help me?

  8. Jérôme says:

    Bonjour Fred.
    C’est du bon boulot. Seul soucis que j’ai constaté : je chariot élévateur à l’intérieur n’est vraiment pas réaliste… y’a moyen d’y remédier ?

  9. Grey says:

    hello Fred beautiful mod and possible upgrade version 1.30 with the DLC Italy, Thanks again for your work.

  10. FredG says:

    Thank you so much Fred_Be

  11. traker says:

    Excellent! Tested and working for ETS2 v1.32. Thank you very much!

  12. Rob says:

    idk if there is a newer version of this mod, other than modifications of this mod by ppl like crowercz, and what i’m about to write may be old news to some, but when you’re using promods AND have a large garage in Rotterdam you’ll find some bits and pieces sticking though the tunnel (not always visible) under your garage that prevent you from driving through the tunnel from north to south.

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