Big Garage V1.28 [UPDATE]

– Tested version 1.28.Xs
– Compatible with all DLC ( Scandinavia,Going East, Vive la France )
– Only for Big Garage

To change the skin of the garage >>> \ prefab \ garage and garage_scandinavia \ textures \

* Respect the download link *

Authors: HomerS, MDModding, Fred_be


10 Responses to Big Garage V1.28 [UPDATE]

  1. MarvinR730 says:

    download is no file !”!!!!!!”!”!”!”!”!!!”!”

  2. Alex82 says:

    The aurenic skin for scania is private?thanks!

  3. JoachimK says:

    Thank you * Merci * Danke

    Perfect, I got it just and I will it install now.

    @MarvinR730 – Linkl is OK, Download in some Seconds. 🙂

  4. marck97 says:

    download say me No file

  5. Kriistof says:

    Merci Fred_Be 😉

  6. nuttywolf3 says:

    I see the fork lift is still not rite so this is the same carp as that Crow dummy puts out

  7. SpanishSIM Trucker13 says:

    I have the file and I want the Aurénico mod (Spanish Company) but I have the folders:
    And the mod image and description
    But the MANIFEST.sii file too

    My question is : How I can install THE MOD into the game??
    I don’t know, can anybody help me?

  8. Jérôme says:

    Bonjour Fred.
    C’est du bon boulot. Seul soucis que j’ai constaté : je chariot élévateur à l’intérieur n’est vraiment pas réaliste… y’a moyen d’y remédier ?

  9. Grey says:

    hello Fred beautiful mod and possible upgrade version 1.30 with the DLC Italy, Thanks again for your work.

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