Big Garage “Weeda”


Tested version 1.22.x
Compatible with all DLC

* Respect the download link *

Credits: HomerS, MDModding, Fred_be


9 thoughts on “Big Garage “Weeda”

  1. thx for Weeda nice job perfekt

  2. It’s for you Sven 😉

  3. hello, fred to many thanks to really great for the garage the really work. danke

  4. Bulldog2008

    nice job Fred now only the orginal Weeda truck back in the game and Weeda is complete :d

  5. Hello Bulldog,
    You have this one >>
    Thank you

  6. Hello Fred! Please next Garage Jimmie Karlsson Transport AB Örebro!

  7. Hello Fred! Please Next Garage Jimmie Karlsson Transport AB Örebro!.

  8. please FRED_be make me my own xompany garage with logo
    id be grateful

  9. Barend Vink

    Hallo Fred,
    Zeer mooie garage .
    Alleen een probleem de ferry’s worden roze.
    Kan je het probleem fixen.

    Gr Barend

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