BIG HEAVY HAY TRAILER 1.35 //1.38//1.37

●own wheels ●Standalone ●long trailers ●Advanced coupling ●Trailer lift axle ●Company paintjob system ●Animated braces ●ETS2 1.30+ DLc Scandinavia + DLC France ready

lp1. kamaol


9 thoughts on “BIG HEAVY HAY TRAILER 1.35 //1.38//1.37

  1. Really?
    ETS2 1.30?
    What you know about the max. Height of Trucks and Trailers?
    And about the actual Version of the Game (1.38) ?

    1. OK, I saw 1.38, so I will give it a Try. 🤔

      1. No, I decided not to download this ####. 😒

  2. Mod Garbage, you can not exceed 4 Mt in total of MAX Height.

  3. mod cant used

  4. Stop being so serious and stuck up. This is a bit of fun and a challenge for the kind of maps where this kind of cargo actually happens, as you can see in the video.

  5. So ######.

  6. Riabadibbl

    USELESS !!!

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