Big Heavy Pack v 3.7 [1.32]

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Adapted 1.32
Tonnages arranged
New loads added
Cargo names edited
Roadhunter package full compatibility
Faymonville re-arranged
This mod adding 460 cargo

D_tec 40 ft 5 Axe New
D_tec 40 ft 5 Axe New
D_tec 20 ft 3 Axe New
Faymonville 10 Axe
Faymonville 8 Axe
Faymonville 7 Axe
Goldhofer 10 Axe
Goldhofer 8 Axe
Goldhofer 3 Axe
Goldhofer 10 Axe New Train
Kassbohrer 4 Axe
Kassbohrer 5 Axe New
Kassbohrer 6 Axe New
Kögel Panel 3 Axe New
Kögel Flatbed 3 Axe
Kögel Sal 3 Axe
Lowboy 4 Axe
Meiller Kipper 3 Axe
Military Lowbed 3 Axe New
Öztreyler old & new 3 Axe
Schmitz cococola 3 Axe New
Truck Trans 3 Axe New
Bonus Ats Heavy Pack

ETS2 1.32+ DLc Scandinavia + DLC France + Dlc İtalia ready
Advanced coupling
Steerable Wheels
Liftable Axe
The trailer is standalone
The trailer not in traffic(Game Ai system does not accept high pmg)
Compatible with all trailer packs
Have to sleep 1 in-game days to refresh the joblist with the standard trailers.

Enjoy the mod!



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7 thoughts on “Big Heavy Pack v 3.7 [1.32]

  1. neranjana

    HD video test 1.32

  2. Nice sharing abi thanks 🙂

  3. jean-michel cristol

    les escortes sont compris dedans ou pas

    1. Non, il y´a pas des Escortes.
      Le Pack sont des Charges regulier dans la Liste de Charges.

  4. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.32….

  5. Thanks for the Pack.
    But I found some Errors:
    – Some Trucks cannot drive under the Goldhofer Trailers
    – Some Trailers are pushing the Back Axle up, cannot Drive
    – And some Trailers have too high Attachment Point for Trailers:

    Otherwise is nice Pack.

    1. Yes, this mod would be excellent if there were not these recurring errors since the old versions and which make the game crash quite regularly! Personally, I deleted its use since v1.31! Too painful to repeat the same delivery 2 or 3 times! 🙁

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