Big Lightbox Scania S&R Next Gen v 1.2

Added more tuning slots,
Now you can customise the truck eve better 😉

Adaption of an old lightbox mod, the original author is unknown I just made the adaption fro the trucks,

I’ll give the credits to the original creator if found,

Works on all cabs Highline and Normal for both next gen,
Template and skinning guide can be found into the mod

DavyBerto, Unknown


15 thoughts on “Big Lightbox Scania S&R Next Gen v 1.2

  1. grazie mille DavyBerto !!!

  2. no lightbox version more tunning slots

  3. Leif Knudsen

    ###### question,but RJL maybe ?

    1. DavyBerto

      There’s the mod made by Powerkasi that contains a similar lightbox

  4. Yapamayan Arkadaşlar Bana Mesaj Atabilir İnstagram Üzerinden
    İstediği Yazıyı yazıp TESLİM EDECEĞİM

    1. DavyBerto

      English please?

  5. instagram Adresim zaferzulkaoffical

  6. scania v8

    question bête on peut pas le personnalisé du style écrire scania dessus ou autre ?

  7. Template? Im ###### i know, but where can I find it?
    people like me

    1. cani get the templete a friend need to skin it

  8. hey, ###### question maby baby… but what program do i have do use to open the template? i use winrar to download, and only gets up notepad when i doubleclick to open it. whitch means that i`ts just a bunch of letters and numbers xD

    1. You need

  9. AlphaGamer_AG

    Mod funktioniert nicht nicht vorhanden …lvl.1.35.

  10. Comment les customiser ?

  11. Can someone recommend Sleep Eye Masks? Cheers x

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