Big Pack Logo

Pack with all the logos plus the bright ones! Normal packs are of course accessible for people who only want one particular logo ?
Work only 1.37.x version

* Logo SUPER
* Logo VABIS

Pack avec la totalité des logos plus ceux lumineux ! Les packs normaux restent bien entendu accessibles pour les personnes ne voulant qu’un seul logo en particulier ?
Fonctionne uniquement 1.37.x

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3 thoughts on “Big Pack Logo

  1. Philippe Van den Stockt

    And is it working on EVERY SCANIA????

    1. GermanETS2Driver

      The Truck need a front grill slot than it should work with every Truck

      1. Philippe Van den Stockt

        Wat dos it only working on the next gen and RJL Scania’s and NOT on the SCS R / Scania’s ???.
        I looked for hours to get it and ITS NOT THERE OR WORKING FOR THESE RIGS!!!

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