BigT Britax LED Beacons Pack ETS2 v1.40.x [Stable Version]

BigT Britax LED Beacons Pack for ETS2 version – 1.40.x.x and up.

List of changes and new lighting:
This is a stable version, there will be no more updates.
Now the beacons are flashing and flashing as they were on versions ETS2: 1.37.x – 1.39.x.:)
Set up the default beacon lighting! 🙂 The native light mask for beacons is returned.
Now the light does not come out of the beacons, it is inside that gives the flashing of the beacons realism! ??
Fixed the contrast and saturation of the flashing light in the beacon, now the beacons flash more realistically.
Files that were changed in the stable version: “modelflarebigtmaterials ….. 5 files “MAT”.
The previous download link will be deleted!
Attention: The mod is only intended for version ETS2 1.40.x and higher!!!

Special attention: This is not an author’s update!

Authors: Big T, SCS Software.
Not an author’s update: MaxX_Agent

Big T, SCS Software.


6 thoughts on “BigT Britax LED Beacons Pack ETS2 v1.40.x [Stable Version]

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry but the file is not found on Sharemods… unable to download…

  2. Why is the beacon flashing so bright. Is it a bug ?

  3. do you have to delete the model folder from this one too if you could how because its only scs file

  4. Download links won’t work no file found…

  5. Download links won’t work no file found…

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