Bilspedition Combo Pack

a made a skin for scania rjl tandem by kast and a make the company bilspedition and its a old swedish company. enjoy!!! ?
my steam if you whont to send a message to me



7 thoughts on “Bilspedition Combo Pack

  1. i don´t know why, but i can smell if someone use my file names.
    why you not do your own? if you do it this way my and your skin is not standalone!!

  2. Arthur Vince

    A lot of guys don’t know the mod rules, if You wanna use someone file ask permission first by the original maker of the mod.. if not, he’s allowed to report it and ask the moderator to remove the (stolen) file.. DON’T SUPPORT THIEFS!!

  3. Mr HungarianTruck

    Hello it’s painjob mod? Or here truck mod?

  4. replacing only the textures is a bad idea…
    it’s so simple to just make it unique and compatible with every other skinjobs out there ….

  5. what id the download link for the roof tack in the pic please

  6. What wheels are those?

  7. mitt skin fungerar inte att använda. Vilket tandem mod har du?

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