Black & Beige Interiors


Black & Beige Interiors for all Trucks

Author: UKTrucker


11 thoughts on “Black & Beige Interiors

  1. for what version is this mod, becouse it crash my game with v. 1.14x

    1. UKTrucker

      Sorry iv only tested it on game v.1.15x I forgot to put it in the description sorry about that mate

    2. UKTrucker

      hi mate re-download it again I have fixed the compatibility issue it should work for you now mate

      1. sorry mf 🙁 still don’t work for me and I don’t have any tunning mod … don’t worry about it, I’m just waiting for the TSM map for v1.15 then I will test the mod (*_*)

  2. Lucky_Punch

    Mod dont work at 1.15 steamalwas Crash!!!!!

    1. UKTrucker

      Sorry i have corrected it and it should now work for you now sorry again mate.

  3. why is texture locked files? and it crash on 1.15 don’t know what you do but me is crash.

    1. UKTrucker

      Sorry i have corrected it and it should now work for you now and it has been unlocked sorry again mate.

  4. Theres an annoying bug on some dashboards, as there is some \purple\ colouring on the edges, please fix it.

    Also, why are the windscreen wipers on the Iveco Hiway coloured beige too?

    1. UKTrucker

      Hi Tonttu sorry for the late reply I am currently re-doing the this mod and I will be getting rid of all the bugs also I will post the link for the new and improved Interiors

  5. Most of them not working with 1.17.1, but Streamline one works very well and its the best one I have seen.

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