Black Brown Interior for Scania v 4.0 (v1.35 -1.36)

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Black-brown interior for Scania R & Streamline by RJL
The mod also adds 3 types of steering wheel to the game with Scania 2016 (SCS)
On-board computer Griffin (Piva)
3 pennants on the subject of Scania
Dashboard changed



5 thoughts on “Black Brown Interior for Scania v 4.0 (v1.35 -1.36)

  1. Danke für das schöne Innenleben für den Scania RJL. Sind Vorhänge auch dabei?

    1. Да, включены.

  2. Thanks for the great editing, great accessories added, it is very very beautiful.

  3. Cargotrans


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