Blaze fire truck from the game Saints Row 3 in traffic


Two variants of tuning model bake, have a conflict , working flashing beacons , nothing is replaced , compatible with all modes of the author.
v. 1.16.х



5 Responses to Blaze fire truck from the game Saints Row 3 in traffic

  1. sunnoco says:

    Thank you man! As always, you did a great job! You’re my hero!:)… Great models for AI traffic! ;)… Keep up the good and hard work and remember to drive safe, especially in reality! ;)…

  2. reren says:

    Please make Police car with animation and sound, ambulance car with animation and sound and firetruck sound. Thanks for all

    • sunnoco says:

      Reren, he can’t make a sound for those, because game use random sounds for all AI, from folder: sound/ ai! ;)… Was nice if SCS made each car with default sound!;)… Or maybe if SCS will consider to change this in the future (if it’s possible, of course!)…
      But, if you wanna here in traffic police, ambulance, fire truck sounds, you can modify a few ai sounds, from folder sound / ai. For this, you can use Audacity (it’s free and easy to use program). You can use free sounds from free site:
      If you don’t wanna share and you’ll use only for your personal use, you can use any sound from there.
      BUT, if you’ll WANT TO SHARE, don’t forget to use ONLY those with CREATIVE COMMONS 0 (and also isn’t a bad idea, even for those with CC0, to ask before share their creators if they allowed you to use them)! ;)… Otherwise you’ll have a big problem with copyright law!;)
      Also, for animation he need Zmodeler3 (which it’s not free), because in Blender (which it’s free) it’s hard and sometimes impossible to make a proper animation!;)…

    • alkonavt96 says:

      Sorry, no way to do it.

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