Blue and Red Road Stripes


Author: Erivann Barbosa


11 thoughts on “Blue and Red Road Stripes

  1. Mod-Loller

    LOOOOL, ok

    here is my opinion:
    “Steam” has good and bad things:
    bad thing are many useless NFS-arcade-game-Mods.
    good thing is some kid’s-money for the future of ets2…

  2. Sarkissian

    What kind of bullshit is this????


    This is a mod for junkies…Too much lsd can cause this sight problems….lol

    -Freddy Jimmink stole my lightsaber :/

    1. Mod-Loller

      roads for the upcomming Death Star Map

      1. MASTER YODA

        hahaha The humor is strong in you 😛

  4. Here is the story…Someone tell him that ETS2 can be modded, but because he don’t know that base should be extracted, he searched google for “ETS2 Mods” and came up on some road textures. Than someone else took WHOLE afternoon on some forum to explain to him how to extract someones mod for editing, and finally he menages, somehow, after crashing windows 5 times, to open texture in PAINT. But he didn’t menages to open road texture, because he dont know what are those actually, better not touch it might crash my windows again, he find lines…WHOAAAAAA! He paint them in red and blue…randomly afcourse, because he doesn’t know what he is actually doing and than beg some guy on some forum to put those textures in mod that he somehow extracted two weeks ago. Now he sit in front of his PC and stare at picture above…”i’m a modder”…

    1. i like what you wrote here it explains my feelings !! 😀

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    MASTER YODA says:
    March 21, 2013 at 2:01 pm
    This is a mod for junkies…Too much lsd can cause this sight problems….lol

    -Freddy Jimmink stole my lightsaber :/

    1st, I agree,

    2nd, Prof what i steal from You and wite complaint to admin whit proof Sir!


    Freddy Jimmink

    1. He was joking mate, making fun of all the people attacking you lately.

      1. Freddy Jimmink

        Hmmm…… Sorry but i don’t see the joke, maybe they hurt me a liitle too much?


        Freddy Jimmink

  6. @Lars

    hahahaha, EXACTLY my thought, only I didn’t want to make such an effort to write it down 😉

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