Blue and White Sticker for Trucks Skins FFF 15/07/2018 “2018 World Champion” – 2 stars

Hello everyone

Here is a set of two stickers to decorate your truck skins with the logo of the winners of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

You will find a blue sticker on a transparent background and a white on a transparent background to match your paintings.

Bonjour à tous

Voici un lot de deux stickers pour agrémenter vos skins camions avec le logo des vainqueurs de la coupe du monde FIFA 2018

Vous trouverez un sticker bleu sur fond transparent ainsi qu’un blanc sur fond transparent afin de s’accorder à vos peintures.

Black Diavel


5 thoughts on “Blue and White Sticker for Trucks Skins FFF 15/07/2018 “2018 World Champion” – 2 stars

  1. Most useless upload ever. What is the frickin point? It took me 15 seconds on Google to find the very same PNG that you actually used, from the website of l’Olympique de Neuilly:
    And you even dare putting your name on it? WTH have you actually done except going on Google and download an image?

    1. BlackDiavel

      Ha HA hA, y’oure tne best of the world

      one star + one star = 2 stars

      Look, that’s true LOL

  2. My bad, you added a second star. Wow, amazing work!

    1. BlackDiavel

      Oh yes and only for you, with little mind

    2. I’m thrilled by your comments, but I have not yet figured out what you need !!
      I’ll help you what do you want a skin with the FFF logo?
      let me know so let’s close this joke.

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