Blue Volvo FH16 Combo Pack


Blue VolvoFH16 Combo Pack

Chereau Trailer




21 thoughts on “Blue Volvo FH16 Combo Pack

  1. really very nice for every skin ,thank u very much great job

  2. Nice Good job Fayee

  3. thanks smallboy , fred bro 🙂

  4. how do i get the volvo that low and how do i get that kelsa and how can i get the wheels?

  5. Andy Atkinson

    Looks fantastic, is the trailer standalone?

  6. Hi, looks stunning :),but is it functional with ohaha’s volvo ???

    1. i dont have use ohaha’s volvo
      need change some data if paste to ohaha’s volvo

  7. The download link not work!

  8. SlenderHUN

    Can you give another link?

      1. SlenderHUN

        Thank you very much!! Great mod!

  9. Link broken.

  10. realmwarrior

    link does not work ??

  11. Lovely mod!

    THX fayee!

  12. fayee thank you. It is hard to make skins like that.Seamless skins. Please do more 🙂

  13. BilgeDogu

    nice skin.

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