Blue & White Pattern Trailer


YouTube preview

Quick Skin not the best but never mind check the YouTube video for information

Authors: Lordofking1100, jack2015


4 Responses to Blue & White Pattern Trailer

  1. zoso says:

    well now you’re the correct person
    I hope you continue like this.
    And no one can say that you stole the mods
    because you added the original author, the rest is your merit

  2. jack2015 says:

    I would like it if you stopped its none of your business i put the correct author now bye

    • zoso says:

      I had only felt but never reported to forum
      I want to tell you that not all authors allow you to modify their mod
      (Even if you add the credits)
      you still keep it up and you will be admired and respected by all
      remember that I have nothing to you
      I do not speak English I hope you can understand what I wrote

      • jako2015 says:

        you need to get a grip of yourself there is people on here doing worse all jack is doing is taking credit for the skin he makes not the trailer so do 1 you ignorant arrogant twat!!!!!

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