BMW 1M E82 V1R5 (1.34)

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16 thoughts on “BMW 1M E82 V1R5 (1.34)

  1. Get the hell out of here with these ###### car mods….
    These mods stink! Another Skoda Bootleg!!!!

    1. Mr. Perfect

      I agree with you… Turkish people

    2. Emir Bardakçı

      Then don’t download. Solution is easy.

    3. O cara vc tem inveja ja que acha lixo

  2. Emir Bardakçı

    I don’t get it, what do you want? When we made a truck, Turkish trash, when we made a car Turkish trash. As I understood you don’ want any mods in this game. Even you will remove mod support if you have power

    1. Sorry, I have a Lot of Turkish Trailers. I like them as European.
      But the Cars are too much, not to say nearly Spam. Sorry.

      Sure, we want Mods, but trzpro is making nothing than that for a TRUCK SIMULATOR !
      And all on Base of “Skoda”. Why not good Trailers? Or Trucks?
      I think, he cannot and if yes let us Proof his Work.

      1. gokhan keser TÜRKİYE

        @JoachimK First, I apologize on behalf of trzpro. This brat doesn’t have any other experience just adds gta mods on skoda.

        şerefsiz velet git derslerini çalış ve buradan uzak dur.

        =Get your ####### and go away.

  3. It proves that we were wrong. Make a good car mod, which is not based on the skoda and take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the game. If you are able, I will be the first to recognize and thank you. Does it really surprise you that people start to despise the turkish modders? You and the others are making hundreds of car mods that are real junk, without exception. Don’t you realize? You don’t just take courage from driving cars in ets2. You’re also leaving your country very bad.

  4. Me and BrianK have nothing against Turkish moder. But I do not understand why there are cars in the truck simulator! Can anyone explain this phenomenon to me?

    1. gokhan keser TÜRKİYE

      the reason is bro, the more you share the more points. If we do not give them, they cannot multiply.

      1. I did not know about these points! Forgive me!
        And what is the benefit of these points? Money? I do not understand, but it does not matter.
        Drive your own Skoda at ETS and have fun! Success!

    2. for cars there is no such game with a lot of maps and mods. because who wants to let him put the mod with the car and drives it. . who loves trucks does not put a mod on a car or a bus

  5. Florin Costea

    Hi, I really like your projects.
    Can you make a Ford Modeo Mk4 break 2008? I beg you! It’s my dream to have this car in the game.

  6. pls add audi rs3

  7. Let the modders create cars, after long play with truck I just want to go trough ProMods with a car to relax, it’s not a bad thing to use cars in a truck simulator, to relax…

  8. Vladimir Hristov

    please add scs lisense plate option please ! there is not just turkish people in the world you know :/

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