BMW 320i F30

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-Editing the tool is strictly prohibited
-Breaking SCS and PMD is strictly prohibited

-Vehicle features

-Active animations
-Metalic and normal color
-HD Model
-Ao Render
-Real Engine sound(Owner : Salahov)

– Things to know
-The car comes out in every gallery.
-Tested in 1.31x and 1.32x versions

-Berkay Pekesen

Berkay Pekesen


11 thoughts on “BMW 320i F30

  1. maybe e90/e91 next?

  2. sometimes

    i thought its a good mod but when i drive on flat road it gets damage by itself, i think the car is super low suspension

  3. Why all of the cars mods have to be low quality/buggy?

    You spend hours on this mod but releasing it in that state.

    Car modders are really weird, they’re ruining their own efforts.

  4. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.33….

  5. Bogdan Gaming18Hd
  6. Work for 1.32?

  7. It’s rubbish. As you do not know or do not want to make original mods, you all limit yourself to take the skoda and you put the textures of mods of other games. But first you eliminate all the animations of the original mod without making others instead.
    I repeat: a real rubbish.

  8. Oh, I forgot!!!! Horrible plagiarism of skoda number 999999967

  9. Mod harika ses olsun modelleme olsun hele hele o farlar varya EFSANE olmuş ama bir iki eksiği var mesela iç tarafta lambaları yakınca plastik tuşlar kırmızı oluyor birde normal şasi yapsan tadından yenmez çok basık olunca da sürtüyor böyle modlara devam brom ..

  10. gamerhugo06

    i cant go faster than 45 kph with this car… lol

    1. Berkay1442

      take sequential gear

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