BMW 5 F10 M-Sport 1.41

-6 Farklı Teker Seçeneği
-3 Farklı Panjur Seçeneği
-Ambiyans Kaplama
-HQ Model ve Kaplama
-6 Different Wheel option
-3 Different Front Grill Option
-Ambient Occlusion
-HQ Model and Texture

Harun Aras, Erhan Özen, Mehmet Ali Bayat


9 thoughts on “BMW 5 F10 M-Sport 1.41

  1. Homer Jay Simpson

    ETS2 is a TRUCK SIMULATOR! What’s wrong with all the guys, they made cars???? You made a good job but why cars??????

    1. Well look, just because it gives him the win. And because many of us also get the win to drive cars in ets2. Ets2 is a game that belongs to me because I bought it, and put the mods that I want
      What fails in you to be able to understand something so simple?

  2. kristof km 300


  3. korean guy

    1.42 pls

  4. lütfen 1.42’yede uyarlarmısınız

  5. Akhayad Ouassim

    that site is scamme and can’t download

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