Bmw 5 Series F10 1.41x

Done Editing 1.41x
-Mirror Fix
-Lights Fix
-License Plate Lamp Fix
-Glass Fix

-HQ Model
-4 Different Cabin 2 Animation
-2 Different Şasi Low/Standard
-8 Speed
-4 Different Engine Performans-Lows
-4 Differentİnterior M Sport-Davul Wheel
-6 Different Front Grill
-4 Different Lights
-9 Different Wheel option/Paint
-4 Different Armchair
-2 Different Plate
-2 Different Breast
-3 Different Ceiling
-2 Different Ayna
-2 Different Exterior Tavan Piano-Paint
-Ao(Ambiyans Coating)

Mert İrşi,Hüseyin Beşparmak,Arda Arslan,Halil Yavuz


10 thoughts on “Bmw 5 Series F10 1.41x

  1. truck fan

    very well made mod, only problem is the engine sound on the 520d is completely wrong

  2. 2021 mercedes e serisi yaparmısınız

  3. Zoltán Mikulás

    Aaaaas very nice good is car!!!
    Sound is good..
    Good job.. Thank you! 🧡💚💙🤜🏻🤛🏻👍🏻🏁💪🏻

  4. guccialessio

    tesla model Y pls

  5. guccialessio

    tesla model X pls

  6. render1967

    In ETS 1.40 this was my top favorite mod. But at 1.41 it is no longer – it is true that there are additional options, but now this mod is completely damaged – there is a big and very annoying problem when driving a car. When shifting gears (at any gear), it increases the rpm very quickly, but not the speed – on the 5th gear it is necessary to raise 6500 rpm to reach 90 km/h – this is real torture. No, unfortunately, this is already a broken mod. Too bad. Why did you have to spoil it?

  7. abi bende mod çalışmış gi bi oldu ama oyundan atıyor busurunu mod un sa ğ i bi düzelt mesi lazım hoksa şikayet etçem ben yayın çı yım oyüzden mod arı yorum bakaran se vi ni rim.

  8. Where will purchase??

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