Bmw 5 Series F10

-HQ Model
-4 Different Cabin 2 Animation
-2 Different Şasi Low/Standard
-8 Speed
-4 Different Engine Performans-Lows
-4 Differentİnterior M Sport-Davul Wheel
-6 Different Front Grill
-4 Different Lights
-9 Different Wheel option/Paint
-4 Different Armchair
-2 Different Plate
-2 Different Breast
-3 Different Ceiling
-2 Different Ayna
-2 Different Exterior Tavan Piano-Paint
-Ao(Ambiyans Coating)

Mert İrşi,Hüseyin Beşparmak,Arda Arslan,Halil Yavuz


8 thoughts on “Bmw 5 Series F10

  1. if you can make realistic transmision and good looking interior this is the best car mod ever

  2. kaput nereden açılıyor ?

    1. Mert2509m

      cabin ve interiordan animasyon seçeneğiniz seçmeniz lazm sağ cam ilede açılır!

      1. Real transmision please

  3. how to worked animation ?

    watch this video

  4. can you make some laborghini like urus or huracan pleaseeeeeeeee

  5. kasıyor benim gbi fakirelr indirmesin bşuna 160 küsür mb

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