BMW 7-Series F02 2011 V1.0 1.48


– Openable Front Windows
– Wipers work accurately
– Realistic engine & transmission configuration
– Very high-quality exterior & interior
– Excellent physics and driveability
– Multiple configuration options (Orange and white DRLs and plastic, paint, chrome & piano black for multiple parts)

*To achieve the top speed, slot the car into the 5th gear*

Q: Where to purchase it?:
A: Truck Dealers > Access Mod Dealer > BMW


Nimit, İsmail Kaan


24 thoughts on “BMW 7-Series F02 2011 V1.0 1.48

  1. Paul Ionescu

    Topppp!!!! I LOVE this car but can you please also make BMW 760 e65 or e66

    1. Agreed e65 would be good and e66

  2. Hi, could you do a BMW X6 M Competition

  3. plss bmw 2023 bmw 7 series

  4. plss bmw 2023 bmw 7 series

  5. I was waiting for so loooooong for 7 series in the game thank you so much, bro. Finally a good bmw 7 series mod.

  6. Perfect 10/10

  7. Please update Nissan GTR R35 and GTR R34.

  8. mehmet zahir tan

    Please how much am I writing, can you make the mercedes 200e mod?

  9. mehmet zahir tan

    Please how much am I writing, can you make the mercedes 200e mod?please

  10. Please make BMW e65

  11. it will be perfect if you can do a bmw e61 diesel

  12. Juggernaut

    Exceptional quality, but the sound is a bit unbereable.

  13. Osmani Moreno

    por favor el Peugeot 301

  14. Please update Nissan GTR R35 and Nissan GTR R34.

  15. why when i take a left or a right turn the car it s going to do drift (low and high speed)

    1. this is happening to me too!

  16. emirhandemirkan

    Mod çok kaliteli lakin bir tanede Ford mondeo 2009 tasarlarsanız çok güzel olur, oyunda bir tane bile ford mondeo yok.

  17. Nice! but the head of the driver character will go over the roof of the car (3rd person), can this be fixed?

  18. Ayhan Ibrahim

    hey can you make Daihatsu Materia 2008 please

  19. Angel Krastev

    pls e60

  20. hello,can you make editable engine hp in scs archive? i want to make this little bit faster

  21. emirhandemirkan

    mod çok kaliteli aynı kalitede bir tane mondeo mk4 mk5 yaparsanız çok iyi olur hiç bir sürüm için mondeo yapılmadı ve yapılması gereken bir araç on numara bir mod olur

  22. rar sifreleri ne lutfen buraya yazin

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