Bmw 760li v12

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the link provided is correct, but the explanation is incorrect .
this is the correct explanation :
– ao coating
– cabin light
– cabin accessories
– custom v12 engine sound (select 6.0 v12 engine option for engine sound)
– 8 forward gearboxes (as they are correct)
– YouTube post on the back can be detached and worn
– 4 different inteiror options (select as slot)
– gallery on DAF
– the car was actually made by my closest friend and alican (alex745alejandro) my brother’s car and game.
– the car model belongs to me, I tried to sum up the 760s with my own efforts.
-Since I could not find the proper interior, I used the m5 interior and played it, made the 760 original indicator and animation.

Mod producer: BurakTuna24
inteiror Model: Diablo
special engine sound: Quaken

thanks for the inteiror diablo
thanks for the engine voice Quaken
I have been very busy with this car, I hope you like ?

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17 thoughts on “Bmw 760li v12

  1. Full HD Complete test video-

  2. AzoraxModdingGaming
  3. jorgent97

    Hd test…

  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  5. It+doesn’t+work.

  6. can you put a more realistic engine on this car?


  8. in what version?

  9. 7er_Freak

    The mod crashes the game everytime I try to enter any of truck dealerships.

    v.1.28 ProMods+PLRebuilding+RusMap

  10. 7er_Freak

    The mod crashes the game every time I try to enter any of truck dealerships.

    v.1.28 ProMods+PLRebuilding+RusMap

  11. 7er_Freak

    Ok, I completely take it back. I had some other car mods colliding with this one.

    The model is very well made but You really should correct the tail lights. I mean, they lit when you switch on the high beams up front.
    Keep your great job on BMW models!

  12. Unfortunately, the owner of this car, Ali Can has passed away on 3rd November 2017. Rest in the peace.

  13. password please ?

  14. kwon suk won

    The exterior of the car was almost exactly the same as the bmw 730. I liked it.
    But when you look at the driver’s seat, the inside of the cabin is broken.
    Please make a slight correction of that part.

  15. Seymen Kaya Cabadag

    R.I.P Allah rahmet eylesin. Cok seviyordum ali can abimizi

  16. Update for 1.31.x ????

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