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Hello, it seems his editions of the BMW E30 M3 gratitude for the subscriptions on my youtube channel, this is a beta version and will be corrected in time
It is prohibited to change the link to download
edit to let his need for prohibited to issue it without the consent of the author or me, write certainly speaks

The link will cease to act, write commentaries on youtube change my not rob the same greetings and wish you have a nice play sorry for my english

Authors: Diablo, DamianSVW


7 Responses to BMW E30 M3 BY DIABLO

  1. angel says:

    Please also linke to f10 m5

  2. Adrian G. says:

    Nice car, the sound is just about right, the physics will be corrected in your next version as you stated before and the dashboard is really precise.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Stone says:

    You have out done yourself with these car. These is the best BMW car i have driven. Please can you convert these mod to American simulator. Keep up the good work.

  4. Stone says:

    On your next version can you please add navigator, nice work.

  5. ImperialJudgement says:

    Tested on my channel

  6. alper says:


  7. Lassin says:

    And Dealer? 😀

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