BMW E34 M5 [1.35]

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-Seamless animations
-Engine sound options
-Few modified part
-Various chassis options
-Various models (Stock – Modified)


Example: harun aras
Contact Berkay directly
Compatible version:

Editing is prohibited.

Note: The vehicle comes out at the mods dealer.



-Bağımsız (Standalone)
-Sorunsuz animasyonlar
-Motor sesi seçenekleri
-Bir kaç modifiye parçası
-Çeşitli şasi seçenekleri
-Çeşitli modeller (Stock – Modifiyeli)


Harun Aras
Berkay Pekesen
Uyumlu sürüm:

Düzenleme yapmak yasaktır.

Not: Araç mod bayisinde çıkmaktadır.

Harun Aras


18 thoughts on “BMW E34 M5 [1.35]

  1. Just like every car mod, It’s bad!

    I mean c’mon, this is a #### Truck Simulation and NOT Forza or GTA! Sorry man but we don’t need these car mods.

    1. IcePuffeR

      stfu dude.. -_-

      1. F-U man, These mods are freakin’ USELESS

    2. karsiyakali1912

      If you don’t need car modes, you can download it, right?

    3. Hey BrianK. You’re the brother of JoachimK I think ?
      If you’re both brothers, you’re both ###### LOL.
      There’s a category named “Cars” on the left of your screen.
      Plus, it’s not because you don’t like car mods people should be agree with you, same for your brother. The people like you and your bro are all ######.

      1. You S.o.B, I’m his son you ###### #####! I don’t care that the “Cars” Category exists, It should NOT exist for a TRUCK SIMULATION! For f+ck’s sake! You all dumb a**h*les ! Go play Forza or NFS and stop spamming with these ###### car mods that make no sense to have in ETS2.

  2. Just because you don’t need it doesn’t mean the others don’t need it either. I think it’s all right. Ets2 is a game, you understand? A GAME. A game that I bought, and that I can use as I want and put the mods I want. And everyone can make the mods they want and publish it if he want. Aren’t you really able to understand something so simple? Yes, I know everyone can give their opinion. But I also have an opinion of those who only come to this section to attack others. And believe me, you’re not going to like to know it.

    1. Before you write something, start up your Brain, if you have. LOL
      You one of the Peoples, who does not understand the Term of this Simulation.
      It´s YOU, who attacks the Peoples and YOU are on who gives the Reasons, why real good Modders does´nt upload anymore here or stop modding.
      I´m tired to read every time Spam and Menaces like yours.

      We live in a free Country, where we have the Right, to say our Opinion free and in every Form.
      End of this kiddy Discussions for me. 🙁

      1. I hate doing the police but you restart being mean.
        JoachimK, make a mod and then let’s see if you are able to post mean comments.
        As edsor said, we can use mods of WHICH TYPE we want !
        This is why the “Cars” category of this game exists LOL.
        So you might shut it up one last time !

    2. jimmy7kyr

      If you say that you are ok with the uselesses mods of cars and buses in a truck simulator game, you would add mods with tractors? or trains? or planes?? Why is it difficult to undestand that this is a truck simulator game?? If you want to drive a car, there are so many games with cars.

      BrianK, I agree with you 100%

      1. I played those other games, nfs, forza, f1 etc, it’s not same at all to drive car there and in ETS 2, ETS 2 is relaxing and a fun way to discover Europe but the other games are just stressing and racing. And i don’t have a car so this is a good way to prepare myself for driving in Europe in future.

    3. I agree with you
      It’s a fun an realistic way to discover europe..
      Probably every truck driver has a car..
      Sure the game is about trucks but.. like I said..
      Everyone who disagree with me or you just has a other opinion..

      (I hope it’s understandable what I’m trying to say here)

  3. Again,a great job!THX! Compatible with M3 e46,and the alpina and bbs wheels are great !THX! Any plans for Bmw e38?

  4. Dave_ZeRo

    Hello, Where I can buy the car?

  5. Please make bmw e46 4door Please
    Ps: nice mod

  6. NIce mods man, pls make mod forr ets 2 audi a5 2009 pls man

  7. lumelabidas

    i downloaded mod and went to dealer and the car was all black why?
    can some one please help
    and its not just this mod every car mod i install are black

  8. Best mod ever! Best BMW car! I hope you’ll update the mod when the new dlc will come ?

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