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– Standalone Model
– Wheels included
– test on 1.17 – 1.21



33 thoughts on “BMW E34

  1. HaZaPr0 GAM3R

    Pls update more tuning and fix salon 🙂

    1. what showrooms?

      1. Devante Bairos

        The Showroom Is DAF

    2. Ове543

      Почему у меня нету авто в автосалоне даф?

  2. Don`t works

  3. Not displayed not in any car show! Why?

    1. Space Cam

      the reason you may not see a display is if you have other standalone mods in that space that has more space so you will not see it, so you can disable then when you see it you buy it and then enable the other mods…..

  4. Gameguy 2


  5. What a bullshit! Why why?!

  6. scooterking

    dont work

  7. Gameguy 2

    Which dealer? Or is this fake mod

  8. Aaaaaaa ! )) Why ? Who need this $hit ? We have one ###### vehicle , I mean X6 . This is the truck sim … . Maybe someone make some tractors , bikes , planes ……… , horses .

    1. Piratxxx11

      and why you write this??? go to bed, little fat kid 😀 😀 big means have big toys…

    2. have you any problem kurwiu xd
      Wash your teeth and go to sleep

  9. HaZaPr0 GAM3R


  10. Video:

    Looks nice but could use more work, better sounds maybe.

  11. hey, how to install this mod? when unpacked into mod folder, I can’t see this car on mod list….

  12. Gameguy 2

    Please subscribe my channel and watch and like my video.

  13. HaZaPr0 GAM3R

    When comes update?! for interior and sound ? 🙂

  14. ### is that ugly steering ?

    + Why does it looks still having truck physics ?

    1. HaZaPr0 GAM3R

      Beta version i think)

  15. Nie ma go u dilera Daf-a

  16. HaZaPr0 GAM3R

    When update comes?!

  17. I don’t have the car, why please?

  18. xXGoFasterCarXx

    Can somewone fix that the car goes much, much faster….. becaus driving 90 on highway sucks too much – sorry for my bad english-

  19. Doesn’t work. Even with no other mod activated.

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